Nazi Dust Exhaustion


City Hunter - Living Nightmare

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Henri Matisse
Nude Among the Waves, 1938

Jeff Pang, Big Brother 24.

Black Venus on Blue Background, Pierre Boncampain, s.d.
This world cannot be improved – it must be destroyed in order that we may stop being dead. To improve this world means to allow it to function better, which always means our lives are again sacrificed on the altar of capitalism – “we need to tighten our belts, work harder, and we’ll make it through!” – and that’s assuming that we weren’t already doing that just to keep possession of our ever more precarious jobs. We understand that there is no future for us within this world, so why would we bother trying to make anything better? Instead, we take what we can get our hands on, to pay our rent or eat. We lash out against the police who kill our friends or throw them in prison.
written by We Would Like Not to be Dead (via ninjabikeslut)

as a fourteen year old, living solely on a diet of coffee and peanut butter sandwiches wouldn’t seem so bad.